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Admissions Policy


Pupils are admitted to Ballard School, from the ages of 18 months to 16 years (Nursery to Y11). Ballard School is non-selective in so far as there is no entry exam.

Admission is based on a variety of factors which will include some, but not necessarily all, of the following:

  • A visit to the school by the parent/guardian to include a meeting with the Headmaster, or delegated person, and the prospective pupil(s).
  • The completion of a day visit (taster day) for prospective pupils in Reception to Y11 to include lesson observations with teacher feedback to ensure that the school is able to meet the educational needs of the pupil. (The School does not expect Nursery or Kindergarten pupils to undertake a day visit.) Pupils who are in Kindergarten and who wish to proceed into Reception have to reach a certain acceptable standard of behaviour, academic progress and social interaction before a place in Reception is guaranteed.
  • A review of the latest available reports and/or a written reference from the prospective pupil’s previous school, nursery, playgroup or day-care centre.
  • The completion of a signed declaration by all prospective parents, which informs the School of all known special educational needs of the prospective pupil(s) concerned. The school has a Disability Policy which takes note of recent legislation regarding ‘reasonable adjustments’.
  • Where applicable, the successful completion of 13+ CE papers, 11+ entrance papers and any other assessments based on the National Curriculum and/ or CE syllabus. Pupils with SEN/LDD needs are not discriminated against.
  • The parental agreement for their child(ren) to attend individual support lessons provided by Specialist Teachers, as decreed necessary by the School or following professional assessment. In most cases, there will be an additional charge for all extra 1:1 tuition. (See fee schedule.)
  • Ballard School reserves the right to refuse entry, and progress, into Reception to Year 11, if the School’s structure in the opinion of the Headmaster and teachers, does not meet the educational, pastoral and social needs of the pupil concerned. Parents have the right to appeal against an unsuccessful application. The Admissions Appeal Panel will be comprised of selected Governors with education and other experiences. This may effect pupils who are already in the School when evidence comes to light that suggests that the education of the pupil, and other pupils, will suffer if the pupil in question remains at Ballard School.


The Headmaster may award a limited number of scholarships to children who excel academically or in another field such as Art, Music, Drama, All Round or Sport. (Further details may be obtained from the Headmaster.)  Scholarships are normally awarded for entry in Years 7 and 9 only.

Scholarships are reviewed annually in relation to established criteria to ensure the scholar is reaching his or her potential and may be removed if a pupil does not continue to make satisfactory progress in their chosen scholarship or if the pupil fails to participate in the expected activities associated with the Scholarship concerned e.g. music/ sport/ art activities.


Means tested bursaries are available. Parents should note that bursaries are reviewed annually.  All details are available from the Bursar.  Pupils may be in receipt of both a scholarship and a bursary at the same time.

Revised January 2013

Ballard School Ltd is a fee paying school for the education of children
Registered Charity No. 307328
Financial support (means-tested bursary) is available up to 100% of fees
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