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Charitable Status

Ballard School   - an Educational Charity (no. 307328)

Ballard School Ltd. exists ‘for the education of children’ and is a Trust which operates as a charity under the oversight of the Charity Commission. Further information about this can be found under our ‘Aims and Objectives’.

Ballard School provides ‘public benefit’ (as defined by the charity Commission) in a variety of ways. These include, but not exclusively, the following:

  1. Support for local and national charities:
    1. Dr. Barnardo’s Homes – help for needy children: we provide presents at Christmas time through our carol services
    2. Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington – help for those terminally ill: senior art pupils have assisted in the hospice and we sell toys via school
    3. That’s My Life Trust – help for children with neurological disorders
    4. Royal British Legion – the annual poppy day appeal for ex-servicemen
    5. Help for Heroes – support for servicemen and their families: this was the Student Council charity for the Autumn Term 2013 and £1,000 was raised
    6. Basics’ Bank – food for the homeless / less well off: harvest festival assemblies sees food collected for local distribution
    7. Jeans for genes – help for genetic research re disease prevention
    8. Honeypot – support for carers of needy children
    9. Piam Brown children’s cancer ward, Southampton: our main focus in 2010-11 with over £6,000 raised included a role reversal day
    10. Breast cancer research: a ‘pink day’ in Autumn 2011 and cake sales raised over £1,000
    11. TEAR Fund -  a Christian charity working for overseas disaster relief: a House charity
    12. Movember appeal for prostate cancer relief and research: several staff grew moustaches for a month
    13. Christian Aid – working for overseas development: a regular collection of stamps and bottle tops
  2. Support for overseas’ charities:
    1. Ray of Hope (Uganda) – a children’s project for schooling and assistance in poor areas which is run by a staff member and her husband: a Ballard family went to ROH in October 2012 carrying many school supplies and we regularly send children’s clothing via a contact in British Airways
    2. Good News School (Kenya) – educational materials to a poor community: supported via the sale of some foodstuffs at Harvest time
    3. Samaritan’s Purse (Christmas boxes) – presents for children in Eastern Europe: 170 boxes collected in December 2012
    4. Chernobyl children – helping with their annual visit to the area
    5. Zozulenka music tour – supporting disadvantaged Ukrainian children: we host a concert annually and make a donation
    6. Bethany’s Kids – helping handicapped children in East Africa: this is the Student Council charity for Spring 2013
    7. Water Aid – helping establish wells and standpipes in developing countries: this is the Student Council charity for Summer 2013
  3. Bursaries for help with school fees at Ballard School: these include one 100% bursary for a child in need of the education we provide here plus several financial concessions to other families. All of these are means tested. We also offer some concessions for siblings.
  4. Scholarships: several substantial scholarships (academic, all-rounder, performing arts, drama, dance, music, sport, art) for entry at Y4, Y7 and Y9 are offered annually. Whilst these are not means tested they do enable talented youngsters to access a Ballard education who might not otherwise do so.
  5. Teacher training: we regularly have temporarily on staff those who are looking at entering the profession and who need experience. In 2011-13 we have had 4 staff undertaking GTPs (or similar). Close links with Brockenhurst sixth form college enable several students to gain work experience in the Nursery / Pre-Prep and in PE on a regular annual basis.
  6. Formal community links: we share foreign language exchanges with Highcliffe comprehensive school. Annually our Spring Term lecture series (hosted by Ballard) are shared with Highcliffe and also with Arnewood comprehensive, New Milton. We also share gifted and talented activities with both of these schools. The Comenius Project is also being established in 2013 and this will provide close links with 5 other schools in Europe (Italy, Latvia, Germany, Majorca and Turkey). We have also begun a formal link with a developing school in Beijing, China.
  7. Access to our facilities and grounds from the local community:
    1. Use of the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) by the New Forest Players (amateur dramatics)
    2. Performances in the PAC open to the public
    3. Water gardens open to the public
    4. Sports’ facilities used by the New Milton Eagles (football)
    5. Sports’ facilities used by Lymington  Netball Club
    6. Sports’ facilities used by Bashley Cricket Club
    7. Sports’ Hall used by a local badminton club
    8. Sports’ fields used for a New Forest rugby tournament
    9. Sports’ fields used for a New Forest athletics’ meet
    10. Mandarin classes for adults
    11. Dance club
    12. Yoga club
    13. Local orchestra meets weekly
    14. Premises available for hire for weddings, family gatherings
    15. Close liaison with the Friends of the Ballard water meadows which adjoin our site. This has led to the school planting new trees and hedges.


Alastair Reid (Headmaster)                                                                    

Ballard School Ltd is a fee paying school for the education of children
Registered Charity No. 307328
Financial support (means-tested bursary) is available up to 100% of fees
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