Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Ballard we believe that strong pastoral care is essential to education – a happy, settled child learns enthusiastically and successfully. Young people face many pressures at different stages of their lives and the Ballard family approach means that they feel included rather than excluded.

Ballard’s pastoral care approach is holistic and as a small school we are able to really get to know each child and quickly see where they need extra help and support. Our Form Tutors stay with their form groups for the three years both in upper prep and senior school to build these supportive bonds for the children.

This continuity gives tutors further insight into each child as they develop and grow at Ballard. A quick observation or response can be critical in ensuring a problem is spotted early or dealt with before it escalates.

Every year group from Year 3 to 11 receives Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). PSHE is important in combating social exclusion and disaffection and can equip young people with the skills and attitudes needed to react positively to the pressures of modern life.

Another important part of our pastoral care is having a full-time School Nurse. As well as being a trained nurse able to deal with sports injuries, illnesses, etc. she has an open-door for every child in School. Pupils know they can go to her room and ask advice about any number of issues or concerns that they may have.

The School also has emotional literacy support assistants (ELSA) who are qualified to help children overcome emotional barriers to learning and improve their feelings of well-being. The School has an on-site counsellor who meets with pupils on the recommendation of the Pastoral Care Group. This group meets at least once a week and is the central hub of our pastoral care provision.



“The School is very pastoral and nurturing and there is a great family feel.”

Ballard parent

“My son is so much happier at Ballard than at his previous school. The difference in him this year has been incredible.”

Ballard parent

“The staff go out of their way to promote a happy environment whilst teaching to a high standard.”

Ballard parent

“Ballard turns out well-adjusted, curious individuals who are well-equipped to enter the world.”

Ballard parent

“Caring, supportive environment, friendly, helpful & interested staff.”

Ballard parent


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Welcome to Ballard.

In light of current circumstances and safety restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to open our doors for our traditional Open Mornings.

We have therefore created a ‘Virtual Open Day’, where you may tour our beautiful School and learn everything you need to know about our School.

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