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Scholarships & Bursaries

Each year Ballard School offers scholarships to pupils going into Year 7 and Year 9 who show exceptional talent in one or more of the disciplines outlined below.

We also offer an academic scholarship for outstanding pupils going into Year 3.

“The principle behind our scholarship awards is that they enable Ballard to attract and reward exceptional pupils who have a talent and an on-going passion for particular areas of School life. We offer a range of scholarships, which reflect our holistic approach to education and allows us to celebrate pupils’ outstanding abilities in a variety of subject areas.

Academic scholars will have a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. These pupils will be curious, creative, work independently and develop their interests by reading widely. There is an expectation that academic scholars will display an exceptional attitude to their learning and will lead by example.

Our all-round scholars are those who have a breadth of interests and aptitudes; they will be at home on the sport’s field or in the art, dance or drama studios, as well as displaying curiosity and an appetite for knowledge in the classroom. Our other scholarships will reward potential, passion, dedication and resilience as well as skill, knowledge and aptitude in the subject.

Understandably, we do expect more from our scholars and look to them to act as role models and to remain committed to their subjects throughout their time at Ballard. We continually monitor and evaluate our scholars’ performance and enjoy watching them thrive at Ballard”.

Andrew McCleave – Headmaster.

Scholarship disciplines are as follows:

All-round (requires written assessments plus two strengths from Art, Performing Arts, Music or Sport)
Design & Technology
Music (one discipline from choral, classical or contemporary)
Performing Arts (two disciplines from Dance, Drama or Singing)
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) (two strengths from Science, Maths and DT)

If you would like further information about Ballard scholarships, please email: jenni.shaw@ballardschool.co.uk.


If you would like your child to be considered for a scholarship please call us on: 01425 626900 or email; headmaster@ballardschool.co.uk.

Application forms are available from November and need to be completed by the start of the January. Interviews and assessments take place in February with decisions made early March. References, School reports and appropriate evidence of ability will be taken into account when considering the award of scholarships. Scholarship entries will only be accepted for external candidates who are registered to join Ballard.


There are a limited number of means-tested bursaries available each year which are reviewed annually in the Spring Term. These are designed to assist parents who would not be able to fund their child’s education at Ballard through any other means. In addition to reviewing all relevant sources of income, the School also takes account of capital assets. Home visits are made by our Bursary company and their recommendations are made to the Bursary committee. Bursaries are available for pupils from Year 3 to Year 11 and the process starts in the November of the previous academic year.

To be considered for a Bursary or for more information, please contact our Bursar’s office: bursar@ballardschool.co.uk.

Please be advised that the School reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship should performance levels or behaviour drop below our scholarship standards.


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