As a result of the school preparing a comprehensive risk assessment and action plan engaging with all stakeholders and using results of parent surveys, Ballard opened its doors on Monday 15th June 2020 to some of the Ballard’s family in Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1, 6 and 10 following all guidance provided by the government.

Letters were sent to all parents of the children in the affected year groups. Please find below a copy of each of these letters which set out, as a result of the risk assessment and action plan, steps put in place to minimise the risk to our children and staff.

Kindergarten letter to parents

Reception and Year 1 letter to parents

Year 6 letter to parents

Year 10 letter to parents

An addendum has been added to the behaviour policy which can be found here:

Behaviour-Policy-Addendum-in-response-to-COVID-19, June 2020

Ballard COVID-19 PE risk assessment can be found here:

Ballard Sport COVID-19. Risk Asssemement Policy 2020

We also have a

COVID-19 Classroom charter

The risk assessment and action plan will be updated as and when government guidance is issued.

We have provided support for key worker and vulnerable children throughout the pandemic.

We are still offering a full timetable for all our other pupils with ballard@home.