Thank you to all parents, grandparents and friends who supported the whole School dance show production, A Time for Everything. Two packed audiences were treated to a feast of 80 dancers performing 17 dances with intricate choreography, beautiful costumes and professional music and lighting. Congratulations to all the dancers for a stunning performance and to the production team, led by Mrs Ladbury and Mrs Gray.

From the powerful opening soliloquy of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 to the colourful finale, where all our talented pupils took to the stage, this production showed Ballard at its best. With pupils from years 1-11 performing, it was a true Ballard family event with older pupils mentoring the younger ones.

“Our family and friends that came to watch were amazed at the talent and the quality of all the dances.” Ballard Parent

“We are new at Ballard and I haven’t been to any performances until tonight, it was all really impressive and so nice to see all the different age groups working together. Our son has loved being part of it and thank you for giving him the opportunity.” Ballard Parent

“I am always in awe at the standard of the performing arts at Ballard and I know that those high levels are not reached without a huge amount of hard work, enthusiasm and dedication on the part of the staff and pupils.” Ballard Parent