Design & Technology

At Ballard, Design Technology (DT) continually challenges pupils to think independently, analyse situations and develop solutions to problems. We have an impressive DT laboratory and a dedicated DT technician to help our specialist teachers and pupils.

Development of practical skills empowers pupils to produce impressive products using modern and traditional materials and techniques. Pupils have the chance to work creatively with food, resistant materials, electronics and computer-aided design/manufacture.

At Key Stage 3, pupils experience a wide range of projects and materials, develop their skills and make high-quality products. At Key Stage 4, Product Design and Food Technology (Food & Nutrition) are offered as GCSE subjects.

“The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.”

Jacob Bronowski

“At a time when Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, Sir James Dyson reflects upon this phenomenon by saying: ‘As a child, at school, making wonky boxes in woodwork classes is not sufficient’. He goes on to say ‘Design Technology doesn’t separate out design from technology; but instead recognises that art and science, the practical and the theoretical, can all work together to bring about creative products’.”

Andy Maskell, Head of DT

Upper Prep

DT in Upper Prep is all about increasing the complexity of the projects and introducing new techniques.

Pupils went to Beaulieu Motor Museum to see the rocket car before creating their own mini versions. They also had the opportunity to design and print their own T-shirts.


DT is a popular GCSE choice at Ballard with a large participation including many of the girls. Pupils link their designs to realistic outcomes such as undertaking independent research visits, customer analysis, market research, 3D modelling of ideas and testing. Recent results are testament to the thorough teaching and learning at Ballard and Moderators regularly commend us on this.