At Ballard, we believe every child is different, with a unique set of skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses.

Our Department of Enhanced Learning (DEL) aims to support our pupils by playing to pupil strengths and teaching skills and strategies to support the areas that pupils may find a bit tricky.

We recognise that pupils with dyslexia are not talented in spite of their dyslexia, but because of it – yes, their dyslexic processing gives them strengths and abilities to outperform their non-dyslexic peers in many areas. Their dyslexia may result in misspelling a word, misreading a sentence or writing illegibly, but their dynamic reasoning skills allow them to mentally visualise and manipulate full-colour, lifelike imagery, which can be incredibly useful for tasks like map-reading, navigation, team sports and 3D design.

One of our pupils who found it hard to master reading, was able to design and build a robot that solved the Rubik Cube!

We firmly believe it’s more about what you can do, than what you can’t! Everyone thinks differently, everyone is integrated and everyone has opportunities to succeed.