If ‘All the world’ really is a stage, then GCSE Drama at Ballard is most definitely the wings of that stage.

The subject not only prepares students well for the rigours of A Level Theatre Studies but also brings its own unique and wonderful challenges.

Upper Prep

All pupils in Upper Prep follow a Drama programme based on National Curriculum strategies.

At Ballard, we believe that Drama is a key subject and that the skills taught in Drama, such as creativity, confidence, concentration and co-operation, are assets in all subjects and in all areas of life.

Drama at Ballard is also fun and a firm favourite with many of our students. Upper Prep put on a superb performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last year.

We know that Drama promotes self-esteem, social skills and communication skills, it also stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore issues and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

All pupils will have developed many of the skills needed to take Drama at GCSE, if they wish to choose this option.


GCSE Drama is now a thoroughly academic subject, with emphasis on analysis and theatre criticism in the written paper as well as performance and technical skills.

Each year group will perform in two major productions; one a popular play and the other a devised piece, which is entirely their own work from concept to performance. Themes for the devised work have included diverse topics such as sexism and mobile phones.

They will also see a variety of live theatre productions during the two-year course, to reinforce their knowledge of the theatre and support their written work. Most importantly, however, they learn to love going to the theatre for its own sake!

The two-year course is demanding and challenging, but a huge amount of fun is to be had, with students frequently carrying on with their love of Drama into college and beyond.

If you are looking for a subject that facilitates group work, develops lifelong friendships, encourages autonomy and independence and boosts self-esteem and confidence, GCSE Drama is that subject.