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We are currently looking for exceptional pupils to join our Scholarship Programme into Years 3, 7 and 9 for 2022 and beyond.


“The principle behind our Scholarship awards is that they enable Ballard to attract and reward exceptional pupils who have a talent and on-going passion for particular areas of School life. Our Scholarships reflect our holistic approach to education and allow us to celebrate pupils’ outstanding abilities in a variety of subject areas. This approach is reflected in the design of our Scholarship programme. On application, potential Scholars can opt to demonstrate their strength in up to three specialisms, catering for pupils with a breadth of interests and aptitudes, alongside pupils who excel in one area.

Pupils with an academic specialism will have thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. These pupils will be curious, creative, work independently and develop their interests by reading widely. Scholars with multiple specialisms will be at home on the sports’ field, on stage or in the art and DT studios, as well as displaying curiosity and an appetite for knowledge in the classroom.

We are looking for exceptional talent; our Scholarships will reward potential, passion, dedication and resilience as well as skill, knowledge and aptitude in the chosen subjects.

Understandably, we do expect more from our Scholars and look to them to act as role models and to remain committed to their subjects throughout their time at Ballard. We continually monitor and evaluate our Scholars’ performance and enjoy watching them thrive at Ballard. ” Andrew McCleave – Headmaster.  


At Ballard, our Scholarship programme is based on enrichment and nurturing individual talent or talents. Although you may receive up to a maximum of 10% discount on your child’s fees, Ballard also makes an investment into this programme on your child’s behalf.

Please contact our registrar: registrar@ballardschool.co.uk to enquire about our Scholarship Programme for 2022 and beyond as spaces are limited.

Please be advised that the School reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship should performance levels or behaviour drop below our scholarship standards.

The Application Process

If you believe that your child has an exceptional talent then we would love them to apply for one of our Scholarships. To start the application process, please register your interest by contacting registrar@ballardschool.co.uk

For those external candidates who aren’t yet registered to join Ballard, you will need to complete our registration process, which our Registrar will be happy to help you with.

Internal and External Candidates – Deadline for Applications and Scholarship Days

All Scholarship applications must be received by the 10th December 2021. If you are applying for a place in Year 7,  your child must already be registered with us by the 1st November 2021.

Please note that in order to progress to our Scholarship Day in February 2022, Year 7 and Year 9 external candidates must have already been offered a place resulting from our Admission’s Day on the 22nd January 2022. Please contact our Registrar if you have any questions about the process.