Why Ballard

“Pupils are reflective and have high levels of self-esteem and empathy. They are highly successful in displaying these characteristics through academic study as well as the wealth of sporting, performing arts and extra-curricular opportunities in which they participate”. ISI

There are many reasons to choose Ballard for your child’s education. A busy and vibrant school, Ballard really does offer a wealth of opportunities to each and every child. Offering a bespoke, all-round education, in a close-knit, family-school environment. Many alumni describe Ballard as the ‘best years of their lives’.

Bespoke Education

We build on the strengths of each child. Ballard pupils are given the opportunities to be inspired and challenged in areas of strength and interest, and provided with the tools and guidance they may need to consolidate in areas which may need a little extra support – we work together to help all children to thrive.


With an average of 27 clubs or clinics each day, the majority of which are included in our fees, Ballard offers a huge array of exciting opportunities for each and every child, both inside and outside the classroom.

Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on the balance between our academic rigour and our nurturing pastoral care – this approach has engendered countless success stories. We strongly believe that to give our pupils a healthy, balanced school life is the best start we can give them to exceed their potential, and beyond.

Family, Mentoring & Fun

Our family ethos is clear for all to see. By involving all pupils in many of our events, including our whole-school assemblies, we build strong relationships throughout the School. This is evident by our embedded mentoring programme, our House system, School Council and many other whole-School initiatives.


Ballard has won many awards across all areas of the School including STEM, Arts, Sport, and Eco. We have many pupils at Ballard who have incredible achievements outside of School, too.

Whether pupils are winning a regional poetry competition against older children; representing their country at a sport they love; performing one of the main roles in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’; or becoming one of the youngest people to qualify with distinction from the Royal School of Music and the Trinity Music College, our pupils are immensely talented.

Local & International

Ballard is a local day School with great transport links but it is so much more. We have won an International School Award from the British Council for our International outlook with a range of foreign exchanges, trips and international charity work. This adds an extra dimension for our pupils who regularly get to be part of our global village – global citizens in an ever-shrinking world.


“Congratulations on the achievement of several national awards during your Artsmark journey.”

Arts Council England

“The school gave off an air of happiness, people can be told to smile but that doesn’t make them happy, incredibly friendly and supportive.”


“The one-to-one attention made him confident in his abilities and taught him the value of teamwork.”

Ballard parent

“She was so enthusiastic about the trip. I asked her out of 10 what she would give it and she immediately said 10 and then talked for the next 20 minutes about it. The photos on the Ballard and Spanish School’s websites show such happy faces.”

Ballard parent

“The after-school clubs are brilliant. Most schools will offer sporty clubs but they cover academic stuff, creative stuff, music and theatre productions. There is something for everyone.”

Ballard parent