Bespoke Education

“Ballard brings out the best in the children. They see them as individuals.” Ballard Parent

At Ballard, we provide a Bespoke Education for our pupils. We firmly believe that all young people should aspire, be challenged and thrive both inside and outside the classroom. We work hard with the pupils to tailor the education we provide to their individual needs; we stretch and challenge a pupil’s area of aptitude or interest and provide consolidation and support in an area that may need a little more support.

We help them to develop self-awareness and strategies for success, encouraging them to excel, delighting in their confidence and progress, and providing the tools they will need to be successful in the future.

Ballard believes that happy children perform well in the classroom, so our academic and pastoral teams work closely to provide challenge and support in equal measure. Higher thinking skills are clearly mapped out in our curriculum ensuring pupils can transfer and apply their learning to different contexts.

As well as celebrating success, the School has keen focus on encouraging and recognising pupils’ approach and efforts. We continuously review, track and monitor progress to ensure that every pupil is doing their very best. This helps our learners to become pro-active and independent, reflective and resilient risk-takers, and interested and interesting future leaders.

Ballard also recognises the benefit of providing our pupils with responsibilities and leadership opportunities from an early age. It’s a key part of the educational experience we provide across all areas of School, especially our mentoring programme. Whether it’s a Sports Elite pupil helping in a PE lesson or our Year 5 children helping Reception with their reading, the benefits are clear to all involved.


“The many opportunities allow children to explore their surroundings and further their own learning.”


“The one-to-one attention made him confident in his abilities and taught him the value of teamwork.”

Ballard parent

“The teachers always know how to tailor the lesson to how you learn and are always looking for new ways to make the next lesson fun and exciting.”