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When I first arrived at Ballard, I was immediately struck by its busy, purposeful atmosphere and the warm welcome I received. The girls and boys I met shook me by the hand, looked me in the eye and told me everything I needed to know about the School.

At Ballard we encourage our boys and girls to express themselves confidently, to develop their leadership skills and to be ambitious, all within a nurturing and supportive environment. When I talk to young people here, they describe a Ballard pupil as one who will “enjoy the challenge” and “set the bar high”. Ballard is proud to educate pupils with a range of academic abilities, and we do so within a culture of aspiration for all; teachers here will stretch, challenge and support in equal measure. I have always been a great believer that happy, confident, respectful and busy children will do well academically so it is no wonder that our GCSE results continue to be at the forefront of comparable local schools and well in excess of the national average.

More importantly, this all happens within an ethos of respect, kindness and responsibility. The key to Ballard’s success lies in its values and culture, and in the positivity of its community. Whether it’s the staff who support and educate, the pupils who strive and delight, or the parents who so vitally connect home and school life, we all play a crucial role in shaping the School. Ballard’s ambition to instil in their pupils a strong moral compass, a respect for others, and an imperative to make a worthwhile contribution to the community all help foster a happy, supportive and successful School.

We were hugely proud of our “excellent & outstanding” ISI and OFSTED inspection report. The school was awarded the highest grade possible in every category; a real testament to the hard work and passion of all our staff.

…but don’t just take ISI’s or my word for it. Come and visit our stunning 34-acre site on the edge of the New Forest – meet the pupils, talk with our staff and view the fantastic facilities on offer.


Andrew McCleave, Headmaster


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