Ballard Sport was awarded the Virtual School Games Mark in recognition of its work during the last lockdown which included the Virtual Olympics, Ballard Workout and the ‘Just Whitt Workout’. For the current lockdown over the last two weeks, pupils and staff have been exercising to earn ‘air miles’, both individually and for their form for ‘Race Across the World’. In this virtual race, every minute of exercise earns air miles with some forms of exercise earning more than others, e.g. walking earns 10 miles per minute, bike riding 20 miles and sports’ skills 30 miles.
As there aren’t many countries to land in around the equator, we took a scenic route. To travel our route around the world took 32,675 miles rather than 24,901 miles; an even tougher challenge.

235 pupils and members of staff took part, from Reception to Year 11 with over 2,300 exercise submissions. These included: dog walks, scootering, swims, runs, cycles, horse rides, Joe Wicks’ sessions, Mr Winch and Mr Wood workouts, playing sport, yoga, dancing, zumba and trampolining, to name a few. In total, 2,400,830 air miles were earned, that’s 73 times round the world.

George in Year 7 was the overall winner, reaching an astonishing 48,960 miles – once around the word and back to Hong Kong. Form 4DW reached an incredible 263,255 miles, travelling around the world eight times and ending up in Lisbon, Portugal.  Well done to everyone for their effort.