Congratulations to our amazing squad of athletes. Our Year 7 to 10 athletes competed at the New Forest Schools Athletics Meet at Kings Park. They were up against strong competition from nine other schools, all of them much larger than Ballard. The team won a record 27 medals! We won both U17 relays the U17 overall championship and the U17 girl’s championship. A special congratulations to Spencer Whitbread, who won three gold medals (100m relay, long jump and individual 100m).

Many of our athletes will now go onto the Hampshire County Athletics Competition.

The full squad is pictured below:

Gold Medals
Year 10 Girls relay team (Frankie Moulds, Carla Rudkin-Guillen, Tabby Gallina and Georgia Pitts)
Year 10 Boys relay team (Spencer Whitbread, Dan Leagas, Ollie Phillips and Tate Glynn)
Spencer Whitbread (Year 10) – 100m and Long Jump.
Dan Leagas (Year 10) – 200m
Frankie Moulds (Year 10) – Long Jump
Darcey Hawkins (Year 9) – 1500m
Charlotte Silver (Year 8) – Discus
Aurelia Sexton-Chadwick (Year 7) – 80m sprint

Silver Medals
Carla Rudkin-Guillen (Year 10) – 200m
Max Weston (Year 10) – Discus
Ava Dunford (Year 10) – Shot Put
Ella Marsh (Year 10) – High Jump
Eliza Hamilton (Year 9) – High Jump
Enzo Turgel (Year 9) – Triple Jump
Aaron Simpson (Year 7) – High Jump
Sophie Cotroneo (Year 7) – 1000m
Bear Baylis (Year 7) – Javelin

Bronze Medals
Frankie Moulds (Year 10) – 100m
Esmee Barnes (Year 10) – Triple Jump
Tate Glynn (Year 10) – Javelin
Annabelle Bockle (Year 10) – Discus
Millie Delahay (Year 9) – 200m
Sophie Hayward (Year 9) – Long Jump
Josh Cotroneo (Year 7) – 150m
Amelie Wilding (Year 7) – Javelin
Nick Hellyer (Year 7) – 80m

Congratulations to the winners of the U17 overall championship, pictured below*:

*Please note Madison Kingsley-Smith, who was part of the U17 squad, was not in school at the time when the above photo was taken.