Ballard has embraced the NSPCC’s Childhood Day in PSHE this week with a series of fun group activities. The day is designed to be fun for children but also to raise the profile and funds to protect children against abuse.

It is so important that we remember that childhood should be fun; it is such a precious time and forms the foundation of who we become as adults. At Ballard we embrace all the benefits of fun experiences for our pupils as regards to both wellbeing and learning. Unfortunately, according to the NSPCC, half a million children suffer abuse in the UK….an upsetting statistic. The NSPCC wish to bring everyone together across the UK to have fun and remember the importance of protecting children.

During their PSHE lessons, our pupils have walked their Childhood Day Roman mile with lots running, skipping, dancing, piggy-backing and marching. A special mention to Samuel (Year 10), who moonwalked and Brodie (Year 6), who one-handed cartwheeled all the way!