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Our Vision for Art:

Art at Ballard is renowned for its diversity, talent, quality and above all, achievement. Our vibrant department covers a wide-range of activities; including drawing and painting, mixed-media; 3D work using cardboard construction, wire and clay; textiles incorporating weaving, silk painting and batik; printing lino, mono, etching and poly printing.


We are totally committed to the arts and offer all our pupils opportunities to explore their creative side. Pupils at Ballard enjoy Art and are stimulated by it.

GCSE Results 2022: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-7 (A/A*)

We have been awarded the Artsmark Gold Award and are ISA Art Award Winners

Pupils have had the opportunity to visit local museums, London galleries and art trips abroad to cultural cities such as Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, China and India.

For more information on our Art curriculum, please visit Art

Business Studies

Business Studies

Our Vision For Business Studies:

We aim to embed a deeper understanding of business, the value of enterprise and the ability to apply this knowledge effectively in the real world. The skills that our pupils learn are transferable across a broad range of subjects and future careers.

We focus on helping pupils become good decision-makers; learning essential managerial skills, alongside techniques to help them become analytical problem solvers.

We enrich our curriculum with the latest business news, technological innovations and worldwide developments.

We are an outward looking department and have partnerships with local business such as The Chewton Glen and Avon Organics. 


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Our Vision for Dance:

The Ballard Dance department aims to develop pupils’: body awareness and expressive skills to communicate through movement confidently, creatively, and intelligently.

Pupils develop their dance knowledge and understanding, in an inclusive, encouraging environment, enhancing their self-expression, self-esteem and imagination.

We encourage pupils to gain artistic skills and discipline, as well as developing their ability in physical interaction, team working, problem solving, observing, evaluating verbal and nonverbal communication. Dance improves self-esteem and confidence; it can widen aspiration and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Dance is enjoyed by Ballard pupils through the School from Kindergarten to GCSE Dance. Our specialist Dance teacher provides high quality lessons within the PE curriculum, which covers the four main strands of Dance; performance, composition, fitness and appreciation.

At Ballard we not only engage pupils as performers but develop them as choreographers and dancers who can analyse their work.

In addition to Dance in the curriculum, pupils are able to enjoy being a member of a number of different dance clubs, which are open to all, with an emphasis on fun and participation. There is also an established School Dance company called Visions, which is aimed at those who wish to develop their dance skills further and perform in a number of opportunities within School and the wider community throughout the year. This is open to Year 6-8 Junior Company and Year 9-11 Senior Company and is through audition or invitation.

We also run a through-School dance production for pupils in Years 1-11 in alternate years, where everyone is welcome to participate and perform. The last production Portraits of Dance was a fantastic experience and performance for all involved based on famous paintings.

For more information on our Dance curriculum, please visit Dance

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Our Vision for Design & Technology:

The Design & Technology Department is committed to planning, developing and delivering programmes which provide pupils with the broadest possible range of opportunities; at the heart of this is the desire to deliver a curriculum which has creativity at its core.

Pupils are engaged in the analysis and solving of design problems which lead to the production of high quality solutions; this is achieved through imaginative teaching, thinking and learning that embraces new technologies whilst retaining the best of traditional practices. Above all we aim to encourage a caring and innovative environment which allows pupils to investigate and experiment in a safe, supportive and positive atmosphere, enabling all pupils to reach their full potential.

As a School, we are extremely well-equipped with the latest in technology. We currently have a wide-range of CAD/CAM facilities, seven 3D printers, two laser cutters and vinyl cutters.

GCSE Results 2022: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4.

For more information on our Design & Technology curriculum, please visit Design & Technology



Our Vision for Drama:

The Drama department at Ballard school aims to provide a rich experience and creative understanding of a full range of Theatre arts. These include contrasting performance styles, direction, set and costume design as well as technical theatre and SFX. There is a passion for active participation and high energy in the classroom which is supported by the provision of an extensive and diverse extra-curricular program, which guarantees the opportunity to achieve confidence.

With a fully-equipped Performing Arts Centre and dedicated teaching staff, Drama is a varied and widely loved subject here at Ballard. Pupils can opt to take Drama GCSE or fulfil their love of the arts in one of out many extra-curricular clubs. Last year we produced a wonderful outdoor production of Mary Poppins, a whole School production of Matilda and are currently rehearsing for Frozen Jnr and The Wizard of Oz.

We believe that the skills taught in Drama, such as creativity, confidence, concentration and co-operation, are assets in all subjects and in all areas of life.

Trips include local and national theatres, bespoke workshops and even a trip to Broadway in New York!

For more information on our Drama curriculum, please visit Drama



Our Vision for English:

The English Department plays a central role in the life and education of a Ballard pupil. We have high expectations of pupils and encourage everyone to challenge themselves. Teaching through participation and discussion, we seek to get pupils to think critically and develop their thinking skills as well as their written ones. We believe in enabling pupils to become precise, confident and creative in their use of the English language. Mindful that writers bring inspiration and change to society, we ensure that reading and literature are central to our curriculum; opening minds to our cultural heritage, and fostering an understanding for others.

Pupils used good humour and literacy techniques including rhetorical questions and metaphors in imaginative descriptive writing about the supposed advantages and challenges of sailing around the world with one’s parents.” ISI

For more information on our English curriculum, please visit English

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Our Vision For Food Preparation and Nutrition:

We aim to develop a wide range of food preparation skills and to understand what food is composed of, how it is prepared and cooked and to develop an interest in the different cultures throughout the world. We encourage students to think about the food choices people make and the affect and well being of the global environment and its natural resources.

All pupils are able to achieve good practical cookery skills and a strong understanding of nutrition.

We have had a 100% GCSE pass rate for the last 10 years, with high value-added scores.

For more information on our Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum, please visit Food Preparation and Nutrition



Our Vision for Geography:

We aim to foster an interest in the world around the pupils and encourage them to think of how present inhabitants will leave the earth for future generations; we want to create a sustainable approach in everything we do.

We apply different teaching styles match the pupils’ different learning styles (e.g. simulating how material is transported in rivers using balls to meet the kinaesthetic learners needs).

GCSE Results 2022: 52% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

Some pupils see a final exam result three grades higher than their GL grade.

Co-curricular opportunities: Duke of Edinburgh scheme and Climate Change Club.

For more information on our Geography curriculum, please visit Geography



Our Vision for History:

History at Ballard helps our pupils think, order their thoughts and develop critical arguments. Wherever possible, our topics are enhanced by hands-on experiences through trips, acting, role plays and activities.

As a department our aim is to inspire and encourage excitement and curiosity in the pupils. We encourage pupils to work hard and aim high; providing them with a wide-range of subject material and expertise. We aim to provide lively and engaging lessons.

We take part in the Townsend-Warner History Prize every year. This national competition was started 138 years ago and is one of the oldest institutions in the preparatory school world. It has proved enduringly popular in encouraging the study of history. Last year, one of our pupils was the top scoring girl in the country, which is an incredible achievement.

We also go on a variety of History trips which have included Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Corfe Castle, the battlefields in Normandy, Stratford, Warwick Castle and Bath. We are also planning a trip to Auschwitz next year.

For more information on our History curriculum, please visit History

ICT & Computing

ICT & Computing

Our Vision for ICT % Computing:

The department aims to equip all pupils with the skills and knowledge to use IT effectively, both at School and in the wider world, as well as developing young people to be responsible and safe digital citizens.

Computer Science at Ballard School is about problem-solving, thinking skills and developing ways of thinking that can be used across the curriculum and in life generally. It is also about using computer systems efficiently and safely on a day-to-day basis.

Our pupils’ outcomes are consistently well above national average, with many going on to study and work in a related field.

We also offer lots of extra-curricular opportunities including coding clubs and cross-curricular projects with our DT department.

For more information on our ICT & Computing curriculum, please visit ICT & Computing



Our Vision for Mathematics:

Mathematics is the most widely used subject in the world and at Ballard it is a key part of our curriculum throughout School and features in many other subjects, including English, Geography, Science and Business Studies. At Ballard we recognise that Mathematics helps our pupils to reason and organise complicated situations or problems into clear, simple and logical steps.

In a society such as ours, jobs often demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify them to a level where everyone can understand. At Ballard we believe in introducing Mathematics as early as possible and we understand that the way to build our pupils’ skills at this age is to capture their imagination and let them explore and practice.

GCSE Results 2022: Higher Maths: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 47% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

Senior pupils are given the opportunity to follow IGCSE Mathematics (Edexcel), with selected pupils also able to study Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths (AQA).

Through the activity programme, we also offer Statistics GCSE (AQA) in Year 10, and Additional Mathematics (OCR) in Year 11 to exceptional pupils which leads into Maths and Further Maths A Level.

For more information on our Mathematics curriculum, please visit Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Our Vision for Modern Foreign Languages:

The MFL Department aims to equip pupils with a solid foundation of knowledge and communication skills to encourage them to flourish with courage, curiosity and compassion as independent global citizens. Through learning a foreign language, we want to open a world of new possibilities and opportunities for our pupils, deepen their understanding of their own culture and those of others, and to foster a lifelong love of language learning.

Pupils are able to learn French, Spanish and German. In addition to their timetabled lessons, there are opportunities for them to learn and improve their language skills in our various after-School clubs. We also organise foreign language trips.

GCSE Results 2022:

German: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 59% of pupils achieved the top grades of 9-7.

French: 50% of pupils achieved the top grades of 9-7.

For more information on our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum, please visit Modern Foreign Languages


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Our Vision for Music:

The Music Department helps and supports the pupils of Ballard School to become the best version of themselves, through Music.

Our classical and contemporary pathways ensure that pupils can participate in their favoured genre through a variety of performance opportunities. These are adapted each year to cater to our pupil cohort and provide new experiences for all.

GCSE Results 2022:

100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 78% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

With a fully-staffed Music Department and 14 visiting Music and Drama staff along with a full extra-curricular programme, there is the opportunity for all to get involved, from beginner to expert.

Recent Music tours have included Tuscany, Barcelona, Salzburg and Vienna. We hold an annual Carol Service at Christchurch Priory, a classical concert at Beaulieu Abbey Church, informal concerts and musical productions for all ages.

We have been awarded the ISM Gold Award for GCSE Music.

We have close links to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus have led to exciting performance opportunities including performances at the Royal Albert Hall for Classic FM Live.

For more information on our Music curriculum, please visit Music

Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Our Vision For Religious Studies:

Religious Studies is aimed to cultivate wisdom, reason and empathy.

Religious Studies at Ballard School is part of the core curriculum in Years 3 to 9. Pupils opting to take a qualification in the subject start the GCSE in Year 10. However, the Year 9 syllabus is based on the Thematic Studies section of the GCSE curriculum.

We aim to empower Pupils to form and evaluate their own beliefs in critical relation to those of others. We invite pupils to wrestle with questions about the meaning, value and purpose of life, calling upon them not only to justify their opinions with wisdom and clarity, but to appreciate and value the differences and perspectives of others. We aim for pupils to appreciate and value Britain’s Christian heritage whilst recognising the contribution of world religions to our society.

“RS isn’t like other subjects where you’re expected to know the answer; instead you are expected to ask the question. It makes you think much more about the greater world around you.” Pupil

For more information on our Religious Studies curriculum, please visit Religious Studies



Our Vision for Science:

Pupils will develop a sense of wonder and awe by having an in-depth, high-level understanding of the world around them. 

The Ballard Science team will continue to develop our high quality knowledge–based curriculum that provides academic rigour. We will share inspirational Science knowledge, not limiting our curriculum to content within the exam specification. By ensuring our broad curriculum is relevant, pupils will understand Scientific content at a deep academic level as well as the wider social and personal implications of Science. 

Science will always be taught by knowledgeable subject experts. We will work consistently as a collaborative team, breaking down the knowledge pupils are required to learn into a logical learning sequence of bite size chunks. 

GCSE Results 2022:

Biology: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 59% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

Physics: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 53% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

Chemistry: 100% of pupils achieved grades 9-4. 53% of pupils achieved grades 9-7.

At the end of Year 9, pupils get the chance to choose whether they wish to study for the separate Sciences and get three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or remain with combined Science, where they will achieve two GCSEs.

Our Science Achievements:

Runners up in the Southern region of the national Soroptimist STEAM Challenge.

Science alumni include doctors, scientists and a radiographer.

For more information on our Science curriculum, please visit Science



Our Vision for Sport:

“Sharing an ethos.”

We share the ethos as a department that:

PE at Ballard will create a positive learning environment where pupils can develop their confidence, problem-solving, communication and leadership skills, as well as their fitness and athleticism

We promote a healthy and positive lifestyle through the physical activity through PE and Games lessons where pupils develop positive attitudes and behaviour.

All pupils and parents should expect us to ensure a safe participation code is adhered to. Recognising and following relevant rules, laws, codes, etiquette and safety procedures for different activities.

Pupils of all abilities will experience a fully inclusive learning environment where fear of failure, ridicule and bullying never restricts their performance

We provide clear progression pathways for the gifted and talented performers through nominations for county trials, club links, extra coaching, academies and our links with professional scouts and coaches.

Ballard Sport provides a positive and inclusive award-winning sports’ provision with specialist PE teachers teaching all pupils from Nursery upwards in outstanding facilities, including an Olympic Astro.

Many schools have to look to external coaches for individual sport tuition. Ballard Sport has a fully-staffed PE department, who all have extensive teaching experience across not only the traditional school sports but also new and exciting sports that are very popular such as volleyball, girls’ football and cricket, badminton, handball and basketball.

We have strong links with local sports clubs, which enables us to provide further opportunity and encouragement for those pupils who wish to develop into county, national and, potentially, international players. The club links for all sports encourage pupils to follow up their passion with local or regional clubs. The community access programme is geared to supporting Ballard pupils with clubs such as Lymington Netball, New Forest Volleyball, New Milton Cricket being based at Ballard.

GCSE Results 2022: 100% Grade 9-4. 55% 7-9.

We offer sporting experience trips to Malta, Basketball Nationals at the 02, Ski Trips, ISA and National or County Competitions in Hockey, Football, Netball and Rugby 7s.

As well as winning a wide-range of team competitions, we also support pupils in their success out of School across a wide-range of representative sports. Pupils can access bespoke arrangements for tennis, skiing, horse-riding/equestrian and sailing.

For more information on our Sports curriculum, please visit Sports