Netball Strategy at Ballard

Our main aim is to feed the U13 A team. As you have probably heard, the U13 A’s have won two festivals and are flying high. Most play for teams outside of school too, in Dorset and also Hampshire. However another common theme from Ballard Sport is to enthuse and encourage at the right level.

We attempt to meet a minimum of 5 fixtures for each team; this often means arranging fixtures with teams of a similar standard. We always try to demonstrate a child-centred learning opportunity, no matter who we play and we encourage coaching for both our players and our opponents. In the end, we want our pupils to love netball and sport.

In Year 5, we try and follow on from introduction tournaments in Year 4, and establish an A & B team. We encourage pupils not to specialise in one position and we encourage hem to move twice or three times in a game, thus improving understanding and also acknowledging what needs to be done to be efficient for their team.

If a player is strong enough in Year 5, they will be invited to play for the U11’s in the New Forest League and also in the ISA competitions that we enter. We encourage all players to attend the training sessions after-school and to join the Lymington Netball Club, if possible.

In Year 6, we adopt extensive training sessions in school to really enhance understanding, as well as participating in local fixtures and friendlies. We enter the Year 6 netball team in the New Forest league. U11’s who are not quite ready for games will receive extra training and be able to participate in friendlies such as A and B v The Park and local primary partners such as Brock and Hordle.

We are passionate about sport for all and we have put very single girl into a Hockey and Netball fixture, no matter their ability.

We provide additional coaching opportunities for any Ballard Year 7 – Year 8 pupils with Lymington Netball Club and also we have half-term clinics for Netball and Hockey as well as Easter and Summer Camps.