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Whilst the pandemic is a very challenging and disconcerting time for all, our guarantee at Ballard is that we will continue to provide a first class, uninterrupted  education for all our pupils. Since the second lockdown announcement in January 2021, we have hit the ground running with all pupils from Year 3 – Year 11 receiving their full timetable, taught by their teachers as well as interactive form time and assemblies via MS Teams and the provision of learning resources via our School Portal.

Providing an outstanding provision of education remotely was a huge challenge initially when we were first locked down; for the School, for our pupils; for our teachers; for all our support and IT staff and most certainly for the parents too. It’s involved a lot of hard work, from everyone. We are therefore delighted to see that ballard@home has become a seamless extension of School and pupils are excelling.

We love receiving your weekly updates and wonderful photos and we are grateful for all of your positive feedback.  Please keep sending your stories and photos to

It really has felt like the teachers are leading things and it is lovely to hear the children chatting as they work online with the teacher’s support in the background. It’s a massive relief to feel my daughter can continue her education, supported by her dedicated teachers.

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Thank you all once again for your dedication and hard work. It’s truly amazing how everyone is pulling together at this time. My son told me this morning that he feels that everything is going well for him so far. It’s giving him structure to his day, keeping him focussed and helps him to still very much feel part of the school, so a huge thank you again from all of us!

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We all look forward to seeing you and all of the teachers when we are able to, you have all been amazing.

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