Daisy and Hannah’s Story

Daisy (Year 3) and Hannah’s (Year 5) Story

As told by their Mummy:

“Daisy has really started to get comfortable in her own skin and we believe it’s down to the way she has the freedom to explore and be curious; space to breathe and be herself!

Ballard fosters a love of learning in Daisy, a spirit of adventure and interest in all the exciting things and opportunities around her, helping ignite her passion and develop her talents. This is certainly driven by the great friends and inspirational role models she has at School. When everyone at Ballard obviously enjoys being there, it makes it an inspirational place for her to be. Quite a challenge for us to live up to when she comes home!

Daisy loves outdoor learning, especially Forest School, which has encouraged her passion for nature and the outdoors; providing a great counterbalance, enabling her to concentrate more in the classroom too.

Daisy is really excited to get involved in all things sporty, especially when it involves the great friends she has made. Given the fantastic and supportive sports staff at Ballard, this shouldn’t be surprising but really goes to show what a well-rounded environment and education Daisy is immersed in.

Ballard offers great facilities with something for everyone. No two days are the same! I am filled with joy every afternoon as Daisy smiles with excitement, telling me about her marvellous day. Ballard has made Daisy confident and creative. This holistic approach has given her the chance to shine and find her strengths; to participate in sporting events, academic, and creative fun activities.

Sister Hannah’s great joy for life is manifested at Ballard. She is fizzing with energy and excelling in so many ways – infectious happiness! Ballard is helping bring out the best in her, enabling her to reach her full potential. The teaching is highly motivating, capturing her vivid imagination, supporting her enthusiasm for learning. Hannah is seizing all the wonderful opportunities that Ballard has to offer. Every morning she jumps out of bed excited to put on her Ballard uniform and go to School! Thank you so much to Ballard.”