Emily’s Story

Emily’s story, told by her Mummy:

“Our friends recommended Ballard and we were inspired by the pupil-focused education they offered: the needs of the child are considered in such an interactive and ever-evolving way, it really does challenge and nurture our daughter. We appreciate the opportunities that she has had already to try out different activities. Emily loves her Dance class in the Dance studio, testing her balance at home and putting on her own dance shows! ‘Show and tell’ has given Emily the chance to gain confidence with public speaking and she loves the huge interactive screens; practising her letters, drawing and creating. She also loves taking pictures with the cameras and going for wonderful nature walks, meeting the chickens, looking at the beehives, exploring the water garden and getting involved in the garden. Emily also loves any chance that she gets to see Merlin, the school dog!

It was identified early on that Emily would benefit from spending some time in Kindergarten as well as Nursery. She enjoyed the extra challenge and meeting new friends, which extended her vocabulary and love of learning. Emily enjoyed working with Mrs Spicer as well as the teaching assistants, who are so nurturing and enthusiastic. She particularly enjoys eating lunch with her teachers and peers in the Dining Room. Emily always tells us what she ate and usually says, “lunch was delicious!” We are always surprised when older children know her name and engage in conversation with her. One of the reasons that we chose Ballard was because the children look genuinely happy. When we collect her 5.00pm, many children are still in School making the most of every opportunity available. It is so refreshing to hear them laughing and developing relationships with their teachers who guide them in a gentle but ambitious way. We absolutely love Ballard and we registered Emily for Reception as soon as the email came out!”