Lorelei’s Story

Instilling a life-long love of learning– Lorelei’s story

“I started Ballard in Nursery and I have loved every moment. I have lots of friends, everybody mixes really well, boys and girls and the teachers are great.

All the lessons are really fun. I really like English, especially spellings and reading. I also love Maths. PE is great; we get to play lots of hockey and netball, I can’t wait for matches to start again. I also love Forest School: playing with my friends; making fairy houses; weaving sticks together to make God’s eyes; and going in the stream with my wellies on.

I love the fact we get to do EA (Expressive Arts) at Ballard – music, dancing and acting. I really enjoyed it when we got to try all the instruments; singing in the Concerts and church is also really special. I love Art and working with clay which we get to do from Year 3, when I made an elephant.” Lorelei (Year 4)

“We are all about inspiring children to find their inner genius and inner confidence.” – Mr Simon Ridley, Head of Lower Prep.

Lower Prep (Years 3 to 5) at Ballard offers all the benefits of a Prep School but so much more. By stepping away from SATS we have the flexibility to focus on developing pupils’ critical thinking skills, and high academic standards. Our holistic education embraces individuality so pupils feel secure, happily stretching into new areas of discovery and learning, thinking for themselves, showing initiative and resourcefulness.

At Ballard our Lower Prep pupils have specialist teachers in all arts subjects, DT, ICT, French, Forest School, Science and Sport to hone their ever-growing skills. Not only that, but they also have access to GCSE specialist facilities across our 34 acre site.

We believe in the development of our pupils both inside and outside of the classroom. We tailor our teaching to the individual with clear aims and targets for each pupil in order that every one of them fulfils their own potential, a Bespoke Education.

The massive benefit is that you are not just a number at Ballard, and the teachers get to know you.” Pupil

Our aims for our pupils during Lower Prep include:

  • Gain a life-long love of learning
  • Have respect for themselves, for others, for the environment and for our world
  • Gain great friendships and memories
  • Develop personal responsibility and self-belief
  • Develop confidence to take on anything that is placed in front of them
  • Strive to achieve their best while valuing the achievements of others
  • Work to attain the personal goals through persistence and always giving their best effort

These important life-skills are shared and built upon throughout their Ballard journey.

“Come to Ballard because I really enjoy it every day. I really love the lessons and playing with my friends. I just think it’s a really good school.” Lorelei