Sisters, Olivia (11) and Amy (8), have been fundraising for the Christchurch Food Bank. They had heard that lots of children and families are struggling to afford food and the basic things that we all take for granted, so they decided to set themselves a 30-day challenge, with the aim to raise money for this worthy cause.

Olivia completed 20 chin-ups a day for 30 days and Amy has been hula-hooping for 20 minutes a day. They have managed to raise a phenomenal £1,100 and they wanted to say thank you to each and every one of their sponsors.

They handed over their handmade cheque to Tracy Blick, Projects Manager at Christchurch Food Bank, this weekend.

Tracy said: “This has made me cry, the girls are amazing and so inspiring. I personally am overwhelmed with pride that they chose to support us and am so grateful to them.

We are still so busy serving families in our community in so many ways; food, help with putting money on their key meters; we are going to homes only to find their electric ran out days before and they have no funds to top their key up; we are moving domestic violence families into properties and providing furnishings for them to give them hope and a fresh start; we are delivering 89 hot meals a week to those most vulnerable in our town. These two hot meals a week are the only hot meals they have. The money that Olivia and Amy have raised will help us continue this work. I am amazed at how well they have done and am so grateful.”

If you would like to donate to the Christchurch Food Bank, please see their fundraising page here.