A selection of Upper Prep pupils who are passionate about our planet joined Mr Bellars and a number of other schools, for the first Votes For Schools, Youth Advisory Board meeting of this academic year.

Aimed at giving young people a voice at a higher level, and for them to be heard by our leaders, the first meeting was based on the topic of climate change. It was clearly very important to our pupils and Mr Bellars was immensely proud of them all and commented that, “Our pupils all took the opportunity to make clear, well-argued points. At one point I was even worried that Ballard pupils were in danger of monopolising the Zoom meeting, so keen were they all to speak! The recording and accompanying notes of the meeting will be sent to myself and the other teachers for approval, before they are passed on to the UK Government and the COP26 Summit. I hope they are all listening…”

“My son tells me this was wonderful! Such an incredible opportunity for our children to have a proper say in their future! I am so glad you fought so hard to make this happen and I’m so grateful.” Year 8 Parent

Mr Bellars will be leading another group of pupils in the future YAB meetings scheduled for February and June.