Last week, our Year 9 and 10 Scholars were treated to an interactive and informative Maths day in London. The lectures were all led by Mathematicians who are famous in their field: Dr James Grime, who runs the Enigma Project and is a presenter on the Numberphile YouTube channel; Sophie Maclean, a member of the team behind Chalkdust Magazine; Emily Grossman, bestselling science author and TV personality, best known for her fun YouTube videos and TV shows such as Sky 1’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo; Aimi Elias, a software developer with Sky; and Tom Crawford aka Tom Rocks Maths.

The lecturers encouraged our pupils to open their minds to a wider field of Maths. Topics included: coding and sending secrets messages in the war; statistics in the news and how it can be misrepresented; and the Maths and probability behind sport including football and marathons. You may find out more about the lectures and lecturers here.

Pupil feedback:

“Throughout the day, we were privileged enough to listen to six gripping and engaging lectures. This included the Maths behind colouring in, how to calculate the perfect spot to shoot a penalty as well as the potential for Mathematic application to sport, and some key details on how to revise effectively. We also learnt some interesting facts, and how much of a difference verifying data sources can make. Overall, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was an amazing trip to go on, and taught all of us a lot more about how Maths can be used beyond finding the value of x, and fully captivated the audience with some of the more practical applications. A huge thank you to Mr Fenton and Mrs Gladman for organising the trip!” Emily (Year 10)

“The day was intriguing and the lectures were informative, describing the different ways Maths could be used practically, such as how Maths was used to break the Lorenz machine codes in WW2.” Patrick (Year 10)

“I really enjoyed my first lectures after Covid, They were funny and entertaining. A well coordinated trip.” Jamie (Year 10)

“The day was very informative and fun, I especially enjoyed the part about machine learning and how algorithms learn different patterns in pictures.” Will (Year 10)