Wow, what a production. Congratulations to all our amazing pupils in Years 3,4,5 and 6, who were part of our Frozen Jr production this week. With over 120 children on stage and many more supporting behind the scenes, this was the largest cast ever seen in a Ballard production and each one helped make it spectacular. Each of the four shows led to whoops and cheers from the delighted audience. Thank you also to all the older pupils who helped as well as our amazing staff. Next up, Wizard of Oz – save the dates: Wednesday, 28th of June to Saturday, 1st July at The Regent Centre in Christchurch.

“I have had so many brilliant reviews! It was mesmerising and the children were enthralled. We wondered about fidgeting but I hear they loved it so much, their attention was completely caught. One child said in amazement “these are only children!” as he was so impressed with the production. Another child was noted as never moving a muscle as she stared at the stage without blinking! Thank you so much for your huge efforts in getting us there. It was an experience that the children will remember. And congratulations to everyone involved in the production – our staff and children were (almost) speechless!” Admin Officer at Ashely Infants School.

“The Lower Prep and Year 6 production of Frozen has been a joy this week. There have been some incredible performances by such a large number of young people. The atmosphere in the PAC has been brilliant all week, and audiences have been in raptures. The staff involved have worked so hard and a huge thank you must go out to them. The rendition of Let it Go that closes the show made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time. Well done to everyone involved.” Andrew McCleave (Headmaster)